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My Cuckold Husband

What would you do if your wife cheated right in front of you and made you watch? And even masturbate along as she moaned and groaned while her new stud lover fucked her good and hard in the ass? Would you cry and beg to be taken back? Or would you be a good little cucky husband and pull your cock upon your cheating wife's command? The marital bed becomes the place of shame and humiliation for a poor cuckold husband!
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Forced To Watch Her Cheating

"As soon as we got married I knew I had made a mistake, but instead of enduring years of misery I took a new lover! Of course to show him who's the boss now, I forced my cuckold husband to watch and even wore my wedding dress at times to make the point! Poor cucky, I sometimes make him jerk off while my new stud gives it to me straight up the ass right in front of him, lol!

I told him to get it hard and stroke fast - otherwise it might just be his asshole that gets fucked next time while I watch!

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Cucky Forced To Watch His New Wife Cheating And Getting Fucked By Another Man!