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In the middle ages, Knights forced their wives and lovers to wear chastity belts and other devices, so too today dominant wives "cock lock" their cuckolded husbands into male chastity devices and say where and how they may use their OWN cocks! Would you stand to have YOUR dick locked up like this? Forced to humiliate yourself and BEG your cheating wife to allow you to touch yourself? While her and her new lover fuck before your very eyes?
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"Now that I have a new lover, my husband's little cock is kept locked and secure until I say he can use it. Of course I don't let him fuck me anymore, I just allow him to masturbate to gay porn while me and my new lover have a good laugh! He cries like a little sissy bitch and begs to be allowed to jerk off to naked girls, but I say NO! Now that he is my cuckold husband he may only jerk his little penis to the hardest gay fucking and sucking pictures I can find!

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