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Interview With A Cuckold Husband

Q We're here with Dava.H, to talk about what it's like to be cuckolded by a wife. Hi David.
A Hello.

Q We understand it can be difficult to talk about a marital affair, especially when it involves cuckolding and feminization. Thanks for joining us.
A It's okay, nothing could be much worse than what I've already been through.

Q So how did it start?
A Well, I'd been working long hours at the offices and not able to get home till late each night. Our love making had fallen off as I was usually too tired and stressed from work. My wife would start berating and scolding me. She'd say that maybe she should find a REAL man to have sex with if I was going to such a bore. I mean, I was working hard to keep her happy and driving a nice carÉ what did she want from me? Anyway, one night I called to say I was going to be late again and a man answered.

Q Wow, that must of been a shock!
A It was. I could hear her laughing in the background and soft music playing.

Q What happened when you got home.
A I walked in and saw a trail of clothes leading to the bedroom door. I followed it and as I got closer I could her my wife moaning and passionately calling out obscenities.

Q Did you go in?
A YesÉ she was laying on the bed with her legs in the air having sex with not one, but TWO men! She was orally servicing one man as his friend thrust away between her upraised legsÉ I was shocked! I felt tears well up in my eyes and didn't know what to sayÉbut my wife didÉ she said "Sit down, David and watch. Maybe you'll learn something!" Both men laughed and said "Yeah, Sport, Don't you be looking at my ass or I'll fuck you next!"

Q OMG! What then?
A She made me strip down naked and play with myself as they took turns satisfying her. From there, it, it just got WORSE...

Q It's okay, tell us.
A She made me put on a pair of her panties and high heelsÉ and then ordered me to get down on my knees and suck her male friend's off.

Q And you did it?
A They had a gun! They said they'd shoot me if I didn't do everything my wife told me. I guess both had been in prison and were used to making men and boys act like female whores for them. "Sissy bitches" is what they said they liked having sex with when a woman wasn't available. It was horrible. Finally, after what seemed like hours, they left and my wife told me to go take a shower and sleep on the couch. I wasn't allowed in the bedroom with her anymore.

Q Was that the only time?
A Oh, no! After that almost every night she'd make me cross dress and watch as she brought home all sorts of men - she would delight in picking up huge black and latino men and force me to have sex with them while dressed as a female. She threatened to tell my co-workers and friends. I shamefully allowed her men to stay the night and make me do things that any normal man would shudder from. She was just such a dominant bitch I couldn't say no. It was like she had me under her spell...

Q I see.
A And now I can't seem to break free. She even forces me to wear panties under my business suit during the day. Sometimes she text's me pictures of men's erect penises and says that's what we're having for dinner!ÉÉI, IÉ(poor David started crying too hard at this point and we had to end the interview. Hard to believe, but some men are forced into a cuckold relationship by a sexually dominant wife and cannot break free. Of course, so LIKE itÉ)

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