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My Cuckold Husband

Married men turned into sissy wimps and cuckolded losers by the women they swore to love, honor and obey! Could you stand to be married to a dominant bitch who demands you WATCH her cheat with another man right before your very eyes? Forced to endure her taunts and scolding as she laughs about your sexual abilities and even the size of your cock? Yes? NO? Well, we'll see....

My Cuckold Husband - His cheating wife loves to shame and humiliate him by comparing the size of her new lover's cock to his! Could you take the shame of being called a little sissy dick cuckold by the woman you married and swore to love, honor and obey?

My Cuckold Husband - This poor cucky husband has his penis "cock locked" into a male chastity device by his wife, then has to ask permission to touch himself! But she only lets him masturbate to hardcore gay porn while she and her lover watch and giggle! Could you get it up?

My Cuckold Husband - She's the kind of cheating bitch that demands her poor humiliated husband watch her get it up the ass from another man, and then jerk off as she screams and moans in delight! Poor cucky, made to pleasure himself to the sight of his wife taking it straight up the bunghole from a total stranger!

My Cuckold Husband - What would you do if your cuckolding wife loves to brag to you about the awesome size of her lover's big cock? This poor cuckold husband must endure the taunts and comparisons of a woman who loves making her man endure stinging sissy cock shame!

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Cuckold Interview - A married man candidly reveals the shame and degradation he endures as his dominant wife decides to take a lover (or two) and force him to watch and participate. Would you stay in a marriage where you are feminized and forced to sexually satisfy the same men who are having sex with your wife?!

Poor "Cucky", from married man to the submissive sissy wimp of a dominant bitch wife, his shame and sexual degradation is complete at hands of the woman who demands he witness her cheating and perverted sexual antics. Sometimes forced to join in and service her lover....or even LICK UP the MESS he leaves behind! Can it get any MORE humiliating for a poor cuckolded husband?
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